Dispelling OBD-II Myths

While I'm at it.. let's hit a whole bunch of BS at once..

Here's the four most often asked questions/rumors about OBD-II software..

Q) I heard your software voids my BMW Warranty

A1) No!

A2) Oh, you wanted more.. OK.. HELL NO.. by virtue of your warranty being a contract and being covered under the Federal Moss-Magnuson Warranty Act, the dealer/BMW has to PROVE that a modification causes the failure to deny warranty ON THAT SPECIFIC CLAIM.

This also means that there is no such thing as "voiding the warranty on my whole car"

Q) I heard that (another brand) is warranted by BMW

A) Nope.. another bunch of advertising BULLSH*T..

That "entity" warranties their own stuff.. all you have to do is read Rob Mitchell's letter correcting that misinfo in C&D and (I think) the Roundel

(Rob M is from BMW NA)

Q) How many HP will I gain..

A) Only your motor knows.. OK.. Seriously all motors will benefit slightly differently from ANY performance Modification. Just like 5 different people will get a different fit from the same size (their size) of jeans. I rarely post "stats" for this reason, and the ones I post are merely the ones I have.. not cherry picked to impress.

Suffice to say, the people I care to impress.. racers like Bob Tunnel, TC Kline, Todd Green, Harvey Huffman, etc ARE very much impressed by their improvement by sharking.

Suffice to say that 8 of the top 10 racers at O'fest had the shark under the hood...

Q) Someone told me that after a while, the program reverts back to stock tuning.

A1) That person is a complete MORON and waste of oxygen and is only alive because it is illegal to kill them!

A2) Oh, technically, sure.. Simple.. That misinfo is part lack of knowledge (on adaption) and part 100% malice by people without the capability to serially reprogram.

The knowledge part is that they don't seem to get the whole adaption thing.. the fueling of your motor.. chipped or stock changes at time passes to suit the best emissions at the conditions you are driving.. these changes also effect the maximum performance in a proportional way.

(I can get into this ad-nausem.. if you want to know more come bend my ear at Gateway Tech in March)

The MALICE part comes from people who are spreading the rumor that if you "flash" the memory of the control unit, it somehow automagically reverts "back to stock" after XX time period

(of course, if you buy there soldered in chip.. it doesn't happen gee.. isn't that a strange coincidence)

The analogy is simple.. how many of you have "flashed" the BIOS in your PC?? a few, I'm sure.. it doesn't UNDO after a few days does it.. NOPE!.. nor does the programming in a Siemens MS41 ecu

These competitors can't figure out the Siemens reprogramming because it's both complex and finicky.. one screwup in the programmer logic and a control unit becomes a $1200 paperweight!

The process of FLASHING is exactly the same to the flash memory as removing the chip and sticking it into a "burner" except I don't use solder nor inhale the lead fumes..

(HEY! maybe we have an explanation here... *grin*)

Jim C.