Richard Scheer's E30 M3

At 77K miles (August 2000) car got Jim Conforti chip (Eurosport), UUC Motorwerks shifter w/ Delrin bushings and miscellaneous replacement parts, illuminated ///Motorsport shift knob , aluminum control arms (Turner), oil pan baffle (Turner), stainless steel brake lines w/ ATE Super Blue (Bavarian Autosport), and forged E34 M5 "Throwing Star" wheels with 215/40ZR17 Bridgestone Potenza SO2 Pole Positions.  (Click on images for larger version)

dcp_1191.jpg (317560 bytes)

Some say real M cars have front-hinged hoods.

dcp_1193.jpg (248781 bytes)

Desert Bavarian.

dcp_1195.jpg (256366 bytes)

Desert Bavarian.

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Desert Bavarian.

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Cardinal Red interior.

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Oil pan baffle keeps the pump primed on the track. Old stock baffle at right.

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Stainless steel brake lines enhance pedal feel, add lightness to wallet.

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Just gotta have aluminum control arms and offset bushings on an E30 M3.

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UUC Motorwerks Street EVO shifter with Delrin bushings in carrier. Installation on E30 M3 entails removal of exhaust and driveshaft, so might as well do trans seals.