Authentic BMW Fender Covers
(BMW part # 81 22 9 400 299)

A few more pictures sent in by John Caldito (Thanks Jon!)

This is a '96 328is Jon was working on.  The fender cover is held on by magnets.
BoB.JPG (69777 bytes)


This fender cover is on a '98 M3.  The device that's hooked up to the power distribution box is a relay break out box. An excellent tool in diagnosing relays rather than just buy and replace when not necessary.
Fendrcvr.JPG (56766 bytes)


This picture is a RZV (Direct Stationary Ignition) adapters on a M50TU  (Technical Updated) B25 engine. It's hooked up to DIS to get ignition readings.
M50tu.jpg (88857 bytes)