High Speed Pics...

Check out this high speed video of an M5 at 165 mph

Take one LTW, head to Montana, find a clear, open stretch of road,
bury the pedal in the carpet, and wait for the rev limiter to rain on your parade.
(Picture submitted by Kyle Morris)

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Dmitri Zorine offers "official  proof" that the top speed of a stock 
E36 M3 is indeed 137 mph!

Bad boy Richard Scheer goes all the way in his 2000 M5 -- 180 mph!!


Here's one sent in by Brian Horne.  It was taken in Germany in a 2.8 Z3 coupe
on the A3 heading into Mainz.  Hugh Golden is at the wheel and they are doing
240 kph which is the max speed of the stock coupe.

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Garrick Louie sent me this photo from his  Euro trip.  This special BMW
is his friend's 1992 Avus Blue M5 with the 3.8L engine, EDC, Nuringburg
suspension and BMW Individual all leather interior with roll down
sunshades in the back.  Estimated speed about 140!!

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