Richard Scheer's 2000 M5

My V1 affixed to the oval M5 mirror. I used the V1 sun visor mount,
modified by removing the visor clip, and attached it to the bottom left of
the mirror using Velcro and a single countersunk screw. It's much more
secure than either the suction cups to the windshield which always fall
off, or the visor clip mount which renders the visor useless and also puts
the V1 in the darker area at the top of the windshield, thereby decreasing
the V1's effective range.

The installation was wired per Peter M. Glaskowsky's instructions at (Unlike Peter's 540i, I didn't
use the V1 remote display unit in my M5.)

V1M5mirror.jpg (212450 bytes)
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M5cockpit1.jpg (345849 bytes)

Caramel Exclusive  All Leather, Bruyere Club wood trim.  Speed warning chime set to maximum of "only" 186 mph.

M5underhood1.jpg (337455 bytes)

Beneath the bonnet, the belly of the beast.

M5desert1.jpg (190976 bytes)

Since I sold my Land Rover, I use the M5 offroad. Not.

M5frtlights1.jpg (204129 bytes)

Xenon gas-discharge low beams could illuminate an airport runway.

m5home1.jpg (280194 bytes)

Little pink houses and Carbon Black M5s for you and me.

M5Paris1.jpg (220055 bytes)

Carbon Black looks blue under certain lighting conditions, such as basking in the golden glow of the Paris Hotel in Las Vegas.

M5afterburner.jpg (159663 bytes)

Not my neon lowrider lights. A desert sunrise
refracted off the exhaust to produce the blue flame effect.

M5engineexposed1.jpg (244941 bytes)

Not my engine, thankfully (mine's not been unshrouded yet). Peek inside: eight individual throttle bodies, four cams, a

M5frtwheel1.jpg (232533 bytes)

13.5" diam. rotors, 245/40ZR18 Michelin Pilots on satin chrome finish alloys. Nice finish, sort of a built-in brake dust color.

M5rearwheel1.jpg (235410 bytes)

12.9" diam. rotors, 275/35ZR18 Pilots.

PairOFives.jpg (115984 bytes)

My E34 '93 525i turbo in the garage, my E39 '00 M5 in the driveway.

mjm51.jpg (183511 bytes)

Beauty and the Beast!

The webmistress' sister Mary Jo posing next to Richard's M5 on a recent business
trip to Vegas.

mjdand1.jpg (314746 bytes)

Mary Jo looks on as Dan Dunphy of BMW Performance/European Motorcars checks out the M5 DME with the Dinan computer.

mjrks1.jpg (203308 bytes)

Richard and the webmistress'
baby sister.