M5 Photo Gallery

If you have a special M5  that you would like featured in the photo gallery,  send a digitized image along with a description  to webmaster@bmw-m.net Images must be at least 640 pixels wide and in maximum quality JPEG format.

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m5-01.jpg (27560 bytes)

Louis Goldsman's '91 M5
at Laguna Seca

Dinan stage 3 suspension
Sharked, short shift kit

m5-02.jpg (56140 bytes)

David Chen's '95 M540i

m5-03.jpg (72010 bytes)

Christopher Fuchihara's 91 M5

Dinan chip and cam gear kit
BMP short shifter, Romotec 17x10 alloys
3.8L euro M5 exhaust, factory rear spoiler

m5-04.jpg (39345 bytes)

Michael Bird's '88 M5

100% stock

m5-06.jpg (369919 bytes)

Paul Tag's M5 Touring