Sweaty Palms on the Autobahn...

Our local BMW dealer here in Wetzlar, Germany, had invited us to take the new M5 out for a test drive, we were thrilled with this unique opportunity. But it was a busy Saturday and we finally made it to the dealer at noon. We had just one hour as another driver had an appointment at 1 PM. We quickly snapped some pics and off we went. My husband (Ebi) drove first.

The excitement starts when the engine roars to life. Even though the M5 is a limousine, it handles like a finely tuned race car....and sounds almost like a Porsche. We carefully drove to the closest autobahn, I must admit I was nervous to borrow a $100,000. car with such power. Once on the autobahn, it wasn't long before we were gliding along at 250 km/h (155 mph) in 6th gear. As with all high-performance cars made in Germany (with the notable exception of Porsche), the M5 automatically limits acceleration to 250 km/h via a chip. Of course, removing the chip makes this annoyance go away.

We were both amazed at how well the M5 handles at high speeds, it sits astoundingly secure and calm even at its highest allowed speed. If the cars we passed hadn't looked like they were going backwards, it was hard to guess the speed.

My husband turned into a rest area and handed me the keys. It was my turn! I was both eager and anxious. Sitting in the M5 drivers seat, I watched my sweaty palms clutch the steering wheel as I attempted to steady my right foot on the gas pedal. Somehow I started off. But I adjusted quickly. With the traffic and my limited courage, I only got up to 210 km/h (130 mph) - that was fast enough for me.

I focused on the pure pleasure of driving such a fine machine. We rolled back into the dealer precisely at 1:01 PM. We could only admire the M5. But even if we had $100,000. in our pocket, getting an M5 is not easy. The dealer explained that only 10,000 - 12,000 will be made in total - up to 1500 a year. We'll see how things look when the time comes to trade in our 523i in a couple years....

Mary Jo Kuehne

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m5test2.jpg (158018 bytes)
At the BMW Dealership.  From left to right salesman, owner and Ebi
m5test8.jpg (156283 bytes)
M5 interior/driver's side
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Mary Jo dreaming of owning an M5
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M5 rear view
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M5 interior/passenger side
m5test7.jpg (163397 bytes)
Mary Jo and Ebi and the M5 they hope to own someday.