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E36M3 List/Digest Information

If you would like to apply for membership to the list, please visit here.

Please direct technical requests to webmaster@chemsoft.net.


This list is a private, moderated list run by Sue Kraft for E36M3 enthusiasts. Please stay on topic and leave the flames at home!

Private party ads are allowed, but only E36M3 list sponsors are allowed to post commercial ads.  Additionally, non-sponsor commercial  signatures are limited to name and name of business for ID only - no phone numbers, web addresses, etc.  For information on becoming a list sponsor, please email webmaster@chemsoft.net+.


1. Before clicking the SEND button, take a moment to check the following:

a. The TO field - Is it really going where you want it? In most cases, it should be addressed to E36M3@listserv.chemsoft.net.

Or, if you are sending a private message to the originator make sure you have his/her address not the list address.

b. The SUBJECT field - Clean it before sending. It gets cluttered up with pre-appended junk. Every reply gets a RE: put in front of the Subject even if it already begins with one. Eventually, your reply may look like:
Subject: RE: Re: RE: RE: Re: original subject

c. If you are changing the subject, change the SUBJECT field to reflect the new subject.

2. Strip multiple footers and excess quotes. Messages can gather substantial debris in just a few exchanges. Every reply gets another footer appended to it, even if one is (or more are) already present. After a few replies, you can have quite a collection of identical footers. Please delete all of them before sending. Rest assured that the system will not forget to add another.

Same problem with excess quotes. Can we keep them to a minimum by deleting all but the few needed words or lines? In many cases, we might be able to get rid of all the quotes without losing meaning, clarity, or continuity.