Mov’it Big Brake Kit

Partha Srinivasan

Product:           The MOV’IT Big Brake Kit (Front) for E36M3


Do you want brakes that stop you – time and time again.  Don’t want to worry about cool down, fading, warping, esoteric pad compounds, brake ducting ?  These are the brakes for you.  The best brakes money can buy, for an E36M3 for track junkies, club racers and anyone with a desire to have the best brakes in town.

In the world of aftermarket car modifications – there are brake wonks, power demons and style kings.  If you are looking for Big brakes – you probably belong to the first category.  The very first car modification I made was to the braking system of my M3, after I ran out of brakes (which at the time were stock) at Turn 2 at Laguna Seca.  That experience started my search for better brakes, which culminated in my decision to buy a Big brake kit.  Then came the search for which among the many Big brake kits to buy.  This turned out to be much easier a decision to make, and ended in my choosing to buy the Movit brake kit from Steve D’Geralomo of the Ultimategarage in New Jersey.

Much Ado over Brakes ?

Once I decided that I needed more brakes (power and endurance) to support my increasing track attendance,   I started doing a bit of research.  I read all the digests (,, and watched all the discussions regarding brakes.  Since brakes are one of  the most critical safety component in track activity – there was a lot of material and even more opinions.  The basis of most braking problems are two fold:

(1)   Inadequate braking power for the car i.e. calipers of insufficient clamping power, or rotors that are too small or pads that don’t have sufficient pads surface.  The cumulative effect of all these deficiencies, are that the braking system doesn’t have enough stopping power for the size of the car it is on.  This fortunately is NOT the case with the M3.  However, if you have other models such as the 325 etc, to which you have made engine modifications, this is definitely true.

(2)   Inadequate ability to shed the heat associated with braking, leading over the course of several applications of the brake, to what is known as brake fade.  This is the root cause of all braking problems associated with the M3.

The most common actions to improve braking are:

(1)   Flush and Bleed system frequently with a racing brake fluid (ATE Super Blue, ATE Type 200 or Motul 600 etc).  This allows the fluid to tolerate the higher

(2)   Change brake pads to a Race caliber brake pad (able to tolerate heat better while maintaining their friction characteristics)

(3)   Change rotors to a “better type” of rotor able to withstand heat or shed heat better than the stock rotor can.  For an M3 – these include using the 2 piece rotors from the Euro M3 (better able to handle heat without warping due to 2 piece construction), using cross drilled or gas slotted rotors, or using Cryogenically treated rotors.

Typically, everyone ends up with frequent pad and rotor changes, since the upgraded components are able to withstand heat better, but at the cost of  increased pad/rotor wear.  With all three of the above changes, warping can be avoided by being extremely careful about braking style, and warm up and cool down procedures.

Why a Movit Big Brake Kit

Here are some reasons – why a Movit big brake kit may be the right thing for you.

(1)   You are lazy about doing all that rigorous pad/rotor changing and cool down, warm up etc

(2)   Because they work extremely well, lap after lap in any condition and take whatever you throw at them.  This is the key.  The rotors are able to stay cool, under very rigorous conditions.  This increases the life of all the components involved, from brake fluid, to pads to the rotors themselves.

(3)   The stopping power is so much – you typically use the system at 60-70% of its capacity – as opposed to at 95-100% of capacity.

(4)   They look very cool – nothing more serious than those huge calipers.

(5)   Run street pads all the time.  The Porsche street pads in the kit – will suffice for all but the most hardcore track drivers or club racers or tracks where there is heavy braking (Laguna Seca for example).  And if you do want to run race pads, pad change is a 2 minute job on the Porsche calipers.

(6)   The kit is extremely streetable – the calipers are completely sealed and so don’t require rebuilding every season like try race calipers, and parts are available from your nearest Porsche Dealer.

(7)   Hate dealing with the constant failure of your jury rigged brake duct plumbing, without which you consume rotors like they were disposables!

Why not some other Brand Big Brake Kit

(1)   The Movit kit is extremely street friendly due to sealed pistons in the Porsche caliper

(2)   Readily available supply of spares, pads, rotors compared to other big brake kits.  Rotor cost is less than with other big brake kits for example the Brembo kit.

(3)   The Porsche Calipers – even though they are made by Brembo, have much larger bolts (12mm vs. 8mm for the Brembo) – thereby preventing any caliper flex – even under repeated heavy braking.

(4)   Porsche Rotors are cross drilled (during casting) – not by actual drilling.  This method prevents spider cracks around the vent holes in heavy heat conditions that causes other cross drilled rotors to start failing.

(5)   The Porsche rotors have a phenomenal ability to shed heat, so much so, that if you use Race Pads with this kit, you have to monitor your brake temperature to see if you want to BLOCK your brake cooling duct.  Otherwise you brakes will be running so cool, you will not achieve the optimum temperature that your race pads require for proper braking.

(6)   Rotor costs for most other kits is much higher, and pad availability is more restricted for the racing calipers used in other big brake kits compared to the wide availability for the Porsche calipers.

What's in the Kit ?

The Regular Movit Kit has the following pieces in it:

Rotors for the regular kit use rotors which are (322x32mm)

                     (2) Modified Porsche 993 biturbo calipers - choice of red or black

                     (2) Porsche GT2 class cross vented brake rotors (left & right) with aluminum center hats (pre-assembled)

                     (1) Set of Fischer Stainless steel brake lines (6 hoses). Front hoses have banjo fittings with stainless hollow bolts

                     (2) Caliper mounting brackets

                     (4) DIN912 Caliper Bracket to Strut Kingpin Bolts (grade 12.9)

                     (4) DIN912 Caliper to Bracket Bolts (grade 12.9)

                     (4) DIN985 Locknuts for use with Bracket bolts (grade 10.9)

                     Assorted Shims - DIN988-12x18mm (HR60) (various thicknesses-to prevent M12x55 bolt from bottoming against kingpin)

                     Assorted Shims - DIN988-12x24mm (HR60) (various thicknesses-to center the caliper over the rotor)

                     (2) DIN6912 Allen Bolts-to locate rotor to hub

If these rotors are not sufficient (If anyone can make a sane case for even bigger brakes ), Movit also has a Terminator Kit, which uses 380mm rotors (18” wheels are required) for extreme applications (at an extreme price).  The kit is available with a choice of caliper colors – Red or Black.  The calipers come standard with the Porsche name inscribed in White.  Custom scripting on the Calipers (for those who cant stand the P-car name on their BMW) – is available for an extra charge.

Technical Details

Some more technical minutiae with comparison with the stock M3 brakes where possible


Movit Kit

Stock M3

Rotor size



Rotor thickness



Pad area

75.5 cm2


Rotor Weight



Caliper Weight

8 lbs


Pad change time (wheels off)

~ 1 minute (slip joint pliers – no bolts)

~10-15 minutes (1 clip and 2 bolts)

Rotor Change time



The vents in a Porsche rotor are unlike anything I have seen before.  The air is drawn in at the hub and expelled out the circumference.  The vane design in the vents is part of what give the Porsche rotors their ability to shed heat.  The rotors are balanced using clip on weights secure to the vanes.

Cost of Ownership (YMMV)

This varies a lot depending on where you buy your rotors and pads from.  SteveD has much lower prices than my local Porsche Dealer does.  I will use those prices in computing the cost of ownership.  These will vary a lot for each individual user.  So feel free to plug in your actual usage to figure cost of ownership for the stock brakes.  The Movit brake usage will also vary a lot.  However a few owners have reported being able to get 1 full year of club racing/advanced driving schools (over 20 track days) on a single set of rotors.  The figures culled here have been culled from the experiences of other owners.  Enough data is not available to make this a more accurate section.  If you have data – please send them to me, I will

Incorporate that in this section.

Component                  UltimateGarage             Porsche Dealer

Rotor (ea)                    $200*                          $249

Porsche Street Pads     $90                              $120

Work in Progress – please contribute your own data to me for this section.

* - SteveD mounts the rotor to the hats and true’s them before shipping.


There is really only one major consideration for this kit, and that is the cost of the kit.  This applies to any big brake kit, since all the kits that I have seen retail for $2200 - $2700.  Rotors and pads are more expensive than stock BMW M3 rotors and pads, but are comparable once you take the longer life expectancy into account.

The Rotors, which you could just buy form any Porsche Dealer, now need to be trued after mounting on the hat.  This is due to Porsche changing the way they true the rotors that they sell.  SteveD now does this for the rotors he sells.  However – you now would need to send him your hats for him to mount the rotors onto and true them.  You could get a local brake machine shop to perform the same service for you.  I have a spare hat set so that I don’t have any down time when I need to get new rotors (which is an infrequent change anyway).  This is true of all big brake systems.

Installation Instructions:

Between SteveD’s instructions and Jim Powell’s installation tutorial, there is nothing more to add to the information already available for installing these brakes.  Follow them closely.  You can use just a file, assuming you have the patience and the stamina to grind the kingpin using a file, if you don’t have a die grinder or air tool.  I actually used a combination of a carbide bit in a Dremel and a metal file, to do this. 

Places to Buy:   Ultimategarage

                       Turner Motorsports

The UltimateGarage is the US distributor for the Movit kit.  SteveD is well known on the E36M3 list and has very good service.  He carries both Red and Black color in the kits, but with the Porsche script on the calipers.  You can ask him to have any script you want inscribed, for any extra charge.  Turner carries the kit in Black, with their logo on the caliper. 


Front – Drivers side view with SSR Integral 17x8 wheels and 5mm spacer.  Stock suspension.


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