JT Designs underpanel installation - 95 M3/2
(Donna Seeley)

underp1F.JPG (130608 bytes)

Silver deflector attached according to JTD instructions, on the engine side of the panel.  It fits behind the radiator. On a slushbox model, the transmission cooler lines fill that gap so I made the modification below.

silver3F.JPG (121338 bytes)

However, without the deflector, there were too many ripped-out connection holes to prevent the flexing which caused it to come loose on the track.  So I used a wooden lathe to brace the panels together.

woodbrace5F.JPG (155756 bytes)


woodbrace6F.JPG (124191 bytes)

The rest of the installation mostly consisted of contorsions and contusions, trying to reach deep enough into the space inside the panel to hold the nuts still.

We also fabricated connections with L-brackets and twist ties. (Home Depot was closed by then.)  Another recommended mod is to drill an extra hole in the center of the plastic directly behind the mesh  ("B")  The mesh can be pushed in enough to get a wrench on the nut.

Lbracket7F.JPG (165708 bytes)

twist70F.JPG (175607 bytes)

center8F.JPG (166219 bytes)