Securing Front
Parking Lights

After having one of my clear parking lights come out at high speed, I
decided that the best way to secure the lamps better was to add a secondary
method to keep them in besides the small plastic clip built in to the
lamp assembly.

I've included several pictures to illustrate the method developed by
Lew Becker after I mentioned the problem and my proposed solution on the
E36M3 Digest.

Lew suggested drilling a small hole in one of the protrusions on
the parking light. There is already a hole on the underside of the
square area of the protrusion (See photo 1) I used this as a guide to
drill up through the top of the protrusion using a 13/64" drill bit.
(See photo 2)

After drilling this hole, feed a suitable length (I used 10 1/2" X
3/16") tie wrap down from the top through the hole. Fold the tie wrap
up and install the light into its guides until it snaps into place.

Note: The light shown in photo 1 is from Bekkers and has 2 little
clip areas on the tab. This light snapped into place like a champ.
The light shown in photo 3 with the chrome finish on the housing has a
single clip area and was bought from Bavarian Auto. The Bekkers unit
appears to be superior.

Now feed the tip of the tie wrap back and up around the headlight
mounting assembly and the clasp end of the tie wrap up and out to form
a loop around the headlight mounting assembly. Tighten snugly but not
too tight so that you pull the light out of its clipped position or
break the drilled area. Clip excess tie wrap with side cutters. (See
photo 4)

Jim Powell

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