Jim Powell Tranny
Mounting System


Jim Powell Tranny Mounting System

I am one of those lucky guys that has missed a shift and bent all the exhaust valves. This was on my '95 325i, not the M3. It only cost me $2400. Ouch! I've been leary of it ever since of course. Several digesters have mentioned using the 320i tranny mounts to stiffen the transmission mount to try to prevent it from twisting under torque. This may help or may just be another Urban Legend. I was going to use these too, but I'm a big fan of Tim Allen so naturally, I wanted to go one step further.

I connected up with Jim Mihal at JT Designs again to design a new transmission mount system. Steve D' Gerolamo had some misgivings about stiffer mounting points causing damage to the aluminum cross brace that holds the mounts. We got around this by designing a new steel alloy mounting system with adjustable mounts. The results are completely satisfactory in stiffening up the transmission and making every shift gate rock solid. There is an added effect. The engine and transmission now seem to be directly connected to your Butt Dyno. If you install this part and don't feel like Michael Schumacher, you have no soul. You may want to add some wattage to your stereo. Or just leave it turned off and enjoy how your car should sound :)

Look at pics 1 & 2 to see the new mounting system parts compared to the stock BMW parts. Picture 1 shows the new bracketry from the top, the side that will face the transmission. Picture 2 shows the bracketry from underneath. The new bracket is on top, and the factory pieces are on the bottom in each photo.

No. 1&2
dec06_01.jpg (44772 bytes) dec06_02.jpg (53283 bytes)

Removing the original factory bracket is completely intuitive. Place your car on ramps, jack stands or a lift. If working from stands or ramps, it is easier to work on the area from the drivers side of the car. Place a floor jack under the rear of the transmission and support the transmission while removing the rear mounts and cross brace. On my car, once removed, the jack was not required to support the transmission. Remove yours carefully, I'm not making any guarantees. Install the new cross brace and thread the bolts through the mounts. Tighten to taste. The tighter you go, the stiffer the mount. In any setting, this mount will be considerably stiffer than the factory system. See picture 3.

No. 3 & 4
dec06_03.jpg (45471 bytes) dec23_02.jpg (33792 bytes)

The part I have is the prototype and is simply painted silver. Production parts will be available with a powder coated finish (see picture 4) and complete instructions. This part is available for the E36 32x and 3.0L and 3.2L M3.

If you are interested in one of these mounting systems, contact Jim Mihal at JT Designs, 760-736-9392 or jtdesigns@jt-designs.com.

As always, I have no financial interest in this product or JT Designs.

Jim Powell